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Free Bitcoin Earning Site - A faucet you can't afford to ignore

Higher earnings than many other faucets

Jarn Ulfr

I came across a bitcoin faucet recently that reminded me of the first faucets available. Initially, the extra faucet claims per hour drew me to the site and got me to sign up. What kept me coming back was how much I was actually earning.

The site to which I'm referring is Let me highlight the best parts of what offers.


Rollercoin: Scam or not? Learn how to conquer this faucet

This site has more intracicies than most, why not use it to your advantage?

Jarn Ulfr

Firstly, what is Rollercoin? Rollercoin is a mining simulator website. It rewards you with a simulated hash rate tied to games that you play and miners which you can purchase. You can choose to split or focus your hash rate to mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, or Rollertokens, their in-game token tied to the USD. Your mining hash rate is pooled with all other users of the site who are mining the same coins.

Is there a catch? Is the whole site a scam? Let's first learn how Rollercoin works, then we'll get into its reputation.


Cointiply: Earn money in Bitcoin the easy way

With so many ways to earn, you're bound to make money

Jarn Ulfr

What makes earning bitcoin on Cointiply so easy? Well, there are numerous ways to earn on Cointiply and it's all available at your own pace. Earn money at every opportunity and you'll be withdrawing much sooner than you ever imagined.

Cointiply coins

First of all, what do you earn on Cointiply? Cointiply has a point system, called coins, to keep track of your earnings. Cointiply coins are tied to the USD with one coin being worth $0.0001 USD. Put another way, 10,000 coins equal $1.00 USD. When you reach 50,000 coins, $5 USD, you can withdraw to your Bitcoin wallet.

Now that we've covered Cointiply's point system, let's learn about the best ways to earn.