Cointiply: Earn money in Bitcoin the easy way

With so many ways to earn, you're bound to make money

Jarn Ulfr
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What makes earning bitcoin on Cointiply so easy? Well, there are numerous ways to earn on Cointiply and it's all available at your own pace. Earn money at every opportunity and you'll be withdrawing much sooner than you ever imagined.

Cointiply coins

First of all, what do you earn on Cointiply? Cointiply has a point system, called coins, to keep track of your earnings. Cointiply coins are tied to the USD with one coin being worth $0.0001 USD. Put another way, 10,000 coins equal $1.00 USD. When you reach 50,000 coins, $5 USD, you can withdraw to your Bitcoin wallet.

Now that we've covered Cointiply's point system, let's learn about the best ways to earn.

Roll the Faucet

The primary attraction at Cointiply is the faucet. Each hour you are given the ability to roll a random number from 1 to 99,999 and the number rolled determines the amount of coins you are credited. If you roll 99,999 you win a jackpot ‐ an amount starting at 100,000 coins which increases by 1 until someone on the site rolls 99,999. The jackpot can reach upwards of 500,000 coins, worth $50 USD.

Cointiply adds a faucet multiplier bonus which increases as you earn coins each day. The multiplier ranges between 1x and 2x, initially starting off at 1.5x. Depending on your usage of the site, it can increase or decrease and is adjusted each day.

The faucet pays out in the following tier structure, depending on your roll.

  1. 1 - 69,999 15 coins × Cointiplier bonus.
  2. 70,000 - 89,999 25 coins × Cointiplier bonus.
  3. 90,000 - 96,999 50 coins × Cointiplier bonus.
  4. 97,000 - 98,999 90 coins × Cointiplier bonus.
  5. 99,000 - 99,998 195 coins × Cointiplier bonus.
There is also a prime number bonus of an extra 56 coins added to your faucet earning for that roll.

Claiming the faucet is the easiest earning method the site has to offer. Simply visit the site each hour, solve an extremely easy captcha, a bot prevention measure, and receive coins. You can expect to earn around 300-500 coins per day if you claim eight times or more in a day. Your earnings may be much higher if luck is on your side.

Faucet Loyalty bonus

Each consecutive day that you log in and earn, you receive a 1% loyalty bonus on your faucet claims up to 100%. When reaching the maximum bonus, you are able to double your faucet claim earnings each hour. This is a very powerful bonus and should not be overlooked due to its simplicity in attaining the maximum bonus. You can multiply the expected 300-500 coin earning per day described above by your loyalty bonus percent to get an idea of your potential earnings.

Pay to Click (PTC) ads

Other Cointiply users create pay to click ads on the site which pay you for visiting their advertised site. Simply view the webpage for the length of time described, answer an image recognition captcha, and receive earnings. The length of time to spend on the ad typically ranges from five seconds up to a minute and the coin earnings range from 5 coins to 45 coins or more. Be careful with the recognition captcha as the image options rotate every thirty seconds which can cause incorrect selections and no payout.

There is no requirement to interact with the website that you visit through the pay to click advertisement which makes this earning method one of the easiest. The only downside is that there are limited ads per day and they refresh about once per day. Expect to earn between 300 and 700 coins per day.

Surveys and Offers

Cointiply partners with survey and ad networks to pay for your opinion on various questionnaires. If you qualify for surveys, they can be lucrative though some surveys are not available to all users around the world. Note that if you are caught using fake data to complete surveys, your coins paid to you will be removed from your account.

Surveys can pay out large amounts of coins, but consider the tradeoff of 15-20 minutes of your time and how much the survey is paying you. A payout of 10,000 for 20 minutes may seem like a lot, but it ends up being an hourly rate of $3 per hour. Only you can decide if this is worth your time.

Watch Videos and Play Games

Cointiply gives you a way to earn coins by watching videos and playing games. Their game selection includes numerous games, so if you've been wanting to play something to pass the time, why not get paid to do it too? Be aware that watching videos and playing games are provided by a third party and have region dependent earning requirements.

While watching videos is a passive approach to earning coins, it is not something I have consistently used. The top payer,, requires signing up for one of their accounts to redeem points, which was not something I wanted to do. It can be a good way to earn coins while doing other tasks, especially when loading the videos in another browser tab on mute. Make sure to check on the browser tab every few minutes between tasks and your coins will add up quickly.

Cointiplay, the Coin Multiplier

This game has the potential to multiply your coins if you guess correctly with great luck. Even though there are promises of riches, avoid this game all costs. The house always sets the advantage and you will lose your coins quicker than you can earn them. The best way to play is to not play at all.

5% APY Interest

When you reach a balance of 35,000 coins, $3.50 USD, Cointiply credits your account with 5% APY interest each week. This value ends up being very low, especially at these low dollar amounts. Let's calculate the weekly interest for the 35,000 coin minimum. 35,000 coins × 0.05 (percent) equals 1750 coins per year. 1750 coins ÷ 52 weeks equals 33.65 coins per week, or $0.0033.

Is the interest worth accumulating? Since you can only withdraw to Bitcoin at 50,000 coins, any amount of coins will help you reach your goal, but I do not recommend keeping large quantities of your earnings as Cointiply coins. Cointiply coins are directly tied to the value of the US dollar and if you do not convert these coins to Bitcoin, you lose out on any appreciation that Bitcoin can offer. Missing out on Bitcoin price appreciation for a measly 5% APY is not a tradeoff I recommend.


So now that you've been on the site, earning coins, how do you get paid? Well, Cointiply gives you a few withdrawal options. Upon reaching 30,000 coins, or $3 USD, you can withdraw to your Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC), or Dash (DASH) wallets. If you're interested in earning Bitcoin, the withdrawal minimum is 50,000 coins, or $5 USD.

All withdrawals do not incur transaction fees, Cointiply covers these for you. To learn more, read the Strategy Guide on withdrawing often because there is no safer alternative to keeping your money in your own control.


Cointiply offers numerous ways to earn, which you can easily withdraw to Bitcoin. How quickly you want to get paid is all up to you; put in the effort to earn quickly, or take a more relaxed pace. Either way, you're on your way to earning Bitcoin.

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