Rollercoin: Scam or not? Learn how to conquer this faucet

This site has more intracicies than most, why not use it to your advantage?

Jarn Ulfr
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Firstly, what is Rollercoin? Rollercoin is a mining simulator website. It rewards you with a simulated hash rate tied to games that you play and miners which you can purchase. You can choose to split or focus your hash rate to mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, or Rollertokens, their in-game token tied to the USD. Your mining hash rate is pooled with all other users of the site who are mining the same coins.

Is there a catch? Is the whole site a scam? Let's first learn how Rollercoin works, then we'll get into its reputation.

When using Rollercoin, there are things to keep in mind

Rollercoin may seem straight forward at first, but subtleties may catch you off guard if you don't understand.

Game hash rate is temporary

There are two ways to increase your mining hash rate in Rollercoin — buying miners or playing games. When you play games, your main PC level determines the expiration timer of your earned power. This expiration ranges from 24 hours to 7 days at the max PC level 4. In order to keep your PC level constent, you have to play at least one game within 24 hours of the last game you played. There is a timer on the game menu that alerts you to your last played time.

At max PC level, the game you play today will have its power expire in 7 days. This will reduce your hash rate when next week rolls around, so to keep your hash rate consistent, you are incentivized to play a little bit each day. Games have advertisements besides them, which is how Rollercoin makes money from users who do not use cryptocurrency to buy their token.

Your hash rate is pooled with everyone else

Since Rollercoin simulates mining in the real world, your hash rate is pooled with all others mining the same cryptocurrency on the site. This means that you compete with everyone else when more people join and play. Given a consistent hash rate, say 200 terahashes, your earnings will fluctuate with the total hash rate for that cryptocurrency as users come and go. You may not earn the amount of cryptocurrency as you did a month ago because you are sharing the block rewards with more users.

Block rewards are severly reduced from their real-world blockchain counterparts

When mining real Bitcoin on the blockchain, the current block reward is 6.25 BTC. If a mining pool mines the block, the block reward is distributed proportionally to the work each miner performed.

In Rollercoin, their simulated blockchain block reward is 0.0003 BTC split between all users mining bitcoin. Your share can easily be in the tenths of one satoshi (0.000000001 BTC) per block. Unlike the real Bitcoin blockchain, Rollercoin's blocks are always every ten minutes. Rollercoin's block reward is specifically calculated to give bitcoin to its users very slowly.

The developers of the site do temporarily change this simulated blockchain block reward during promotions. Just recently it was doubled to 0.0006 BTC which incentivized many users to move their hash rate to capitalize on this change.

So, is Rollercoin a scam?

A scam faucet would be looking to make a quick profit. Rollercoin has been around for three years and makes money in a few ways - advertisements and users buying their Rollercoin token. No, it's not a scam. Rollercoin is simply a site that allows users to play for free, but heavily incentivizes using their in-game token to purchase miners.

Is it a wise choice to buy roller tokens with real money? I wouldn't recommend it as your return on investment depends entirely on Rollercoin's ability to remain online. Don't send Rollercoin, or any faucet, any money you wouldn't be okay with losing.

I have deposited and withdrawn Bitcoin from the site without any issues. Rollercoin doesn't charge transaction fees which helps with consolidating coins. Rollercoin's minimum Bitcoin withdrawal limit is 10,000 satoshi, a surprisingly low withdrawal minimum for a faucet site. As explained in the Strategy Guide, make sure to withdraw often and use earnings from your other faucets to capture your orphaned bitcoin.

Rollercoin is a great site to add to your own faucet empire as it can help you earn those precious sats.

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